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The Eastnine Clubhouse

In his latest Medium post, CEO, Jason Goodman, explains how a house in Hackney transformed into the home of Eastnine.

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Eastnine officially kicked off in my house in a quiet road in Homerton, Hackney. For months we wrestled with what to call our business and lived under a project name F5. My co-founders Cat Forrest, David McCreary, and Matt Harrison humoured me on many absurd options, but we all loved the house particularly after we turned the second bedroom into a makeshift studio and painted the outside club colours black and green.

As a group we all believe that doing exercise with others makes it enjoyable, purposeful and addictive. That’s why we built a clubhouse as our home, instead of using a high street gym as our base. The clubhouse is where we record all our coaching sessions and it’s also where we meet every Wednesday at 7pm to run and research with local beta members. For us, the clubhouse is the perfect symbol that community underpins everything we do. And calling ourselves Eastnine is about committing ourselves to be useful to our local community and to remember where we’ve come from.

Our training experience combines the companionship and competition of being surrounded by other Eastnine runners on a real-time leaderboard with genuine, knowledgeable coaches from professional sport who inspire people to run more and run better. Our coaches are carefully chosen by our co-founder Cat Forrest, who spent ten years of her life high jumping in international competitions before a serious injury forced her to rethink. When you have an Eastnine coach like Leo Savage (former professional Rugby player) or JJ Jegede (current Team GB long jumper) talking in your ear, you go further and faster because they’ve spent their lives learning what really works and what doesn’t.

Our mission is to democratise access to world class training. We believe that the fitness industry on so many levels is inaccessible and often a con. Gyms are a lonely experience that dont make people feel welcomed and the business model makes profit on people that don’t show up. There are some amazing examples of communities making a big impact on people’s approach to fitness. We are inspired by the thousands of running clubs across the world, and of the way parkrun has spread like wildfire. But there is a lot to be done to match parkrun’s real world community spirit online. In fact we see a lot wrong in the majority of fitness apps and social media with an army of so called celebrities selling the latest fad. What was it this January? The comeback of appetite suppressant lollipops. Noooo.

For us the answer is about making knowledge from top tier sports professionals (athletes, nutritionists, sports and behavioural scientists) truly accessible, and surrounding our members with support, companionship and competition from other like minded members. On day one we’re for all runners who want to go a bit further and faster. Our members are a diverse bunch. Some have done their first parkrun or tried Couch to 5K. Some have entered an event and thought, “s***, I need to train”. Or they might be wondering how far or how fast they could really go: a parkrunner looking to shave a couple of minutes off their 5K time; a 10K-er stepping up to that crazy dream of doing a marathon; an experienced marathoner looking to beat the next hour-mark. Our beta members are all of these and run all over the world.

Progress in fitness takes time. There is no getting around the fact that there are no easy quick fixes. But if you track your training sessions – even the smallest improvements – this really helps all of us stay motivated. With Eastnine you can see your live performance data and compete against others via the leaderboard for an additional push – making it much easier to see your performance improve over time. All you need in the first instance is your iPhone (be patient Android users!). We want to be smart hardware agnostic and be able to connect easily with any type of training data and hardware in time. That’s our philosophy.

And we know none of this would have happened without the support and blind confidence of many people who have backed us when Eastnine was just an idea. In the last few days Eastnine has jumped an important hurdle and if you’ve tried Eastnine already we are excited to have you as the earliest beta members of our club. Support has come from a litany of friends, family, some fantastic angels and investors, and the startup ecosystems in London, Berlin, and Lisbon. Add to that support from runners beta testing Eastnine in the UK, USA, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Vietnam, Australia and others all around the world! We cant mention you all but here’s a big THANKYOU to a few special folks:

Alec Proudfoot, Ali Ramadan, Ally Gray, Barney Hussey-Yeo, Ben Holmes, Bruno Vasconcelos, Bryce Keane, Cathy White, Christopher Spray, Clive Dickens, Daniel Toledano, David Silverman, Dennis Aogo, Doron Meyassed, Ellie Marden, Emi Gal, Emma Phillips, Errol Damelin, Filip Dames, George Henry, Ilkka Paananen, Ilaria Musciave, JJ Jegede, Jack Gold, Jambu Palaniappan, James Webb, Jerome Figueiredo, Julia Hawkin, Julia Ognieva, Juraj Rutsek, Leo Savage, Lewis Richardson, Maclaren Walsh, Matt Gailer, Mike Reid, Millie Foster, Niall Wass, Nicholas Jenkins-Smith, Nick Pleydell Pearce, Niklas Zennström, Nuno Ferro, Paul Galligan, Philipp Moehring, Remus Brett, Ricardo Sequerra, Richard Moross, Robin Klein, Siraj Khaliq, Saul Klein, Sian Goodman, Siraj Khaliq, Siri Steinmo, Sophia Bendz, Susie McGowan, Roxanne Nejad, Vic Shuttleworth, Vince Ciolino, Vitor Dinis, Will Girling, Xavier Louis

P.S. And if you are reading this and haven’t used Eastnine please get on the leaderboard and download the app here:

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