Running Shoe Rotation - Why is it Important?

Running shoes have a life expectancy, we all know that. It comes to a point where the shoe starts to break down and you just are not getting the benefit of the support and cushioning of it anymore. This life expectancy varies from shoe to shoe but averages from about 300-500 miles. Although some runners break into the 700 mile mark.

The important thing to realise is that the shoe is there to protect you from the ground and give you the support that you need, not forgetting comfort too which is arguably the most important thing about a running shoe.


Therefore you need to know when to swap them out before they really start to break down, or before you feel yourself developing unwanted pain due to the running shoe breaking down and not offering you the cushioning and support you need.

This is where shoe rotation can play a big role in developing the longevity of your running shoes. Think about it the more you run in the same shoe the more it is going to take a battering, the upper starts to stretch and rip, the sole of the shoe starts to wear down and if you are running everyday its not going to be long until that shoe wears out.

Having 2-3 pairs of shoes can pay a massive dividend to how you feel when you are running, it doesn't have to be the same shoe either. You can have a pair of ASICS running shoes alongside a pair of Nike’s, they are both made differently so will actually provide a benefit to you but make sure it is a brand you are comfortable with wearing.


Now you are probably thinking, but that costs more money.. Yes it does in the short term but in the long run (Pun intended) your shoes are going to last a lot longer because you are swapping them around and giving them a chance to 'heal' as such, even if you have one pair of newer shoes and then go and buy a second pair online similar to the shoe you already have.

Swapping your running shoes around is also great for injury prevention, your foot has to adapt to each running shoe you put on them, so different micro muscles are being used and therefore the same old muscle is not taking a battering day after day.

So in summary, invest in a second pair of shoes that you can rotate to promote the longevity of your running shoes and potentially prevent injury, if you start to feel like you are not getting as much cushioning you would like out of your running shoes then it might be time to get yourself a new pair!

Marcus Sladden