Benefits of Joining a Running Club

For any runner the thought of joining a running club can be quite a daunting process, the thoughts start to creep in such as “Am I fast enough to join the club?” “What on earth is a club session?” “What if I hold everyone up?” If you are having these thoughts and wondering if you are good enough to join a running club then the answer is YES YOU CAN!

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The running community is one of the most welcoming bunches, there is ongoing support for whatever questions you may have whether that be in person or online based and you can ask ANYTHING. Whether that be a question about what paces you should be hitting for a session to where you should go for your running kit and shoes.

Joining a running club is a fairly simple process, it normally entails looking at the club website or social media profiles, joining through their ‘join now’ button which will take you to the sing up process of filling out your details. The group will then be in touch with you on when you are going to be joining in on the club session so they can look out for you and make sure you are well looked after as you arrive.

You will be greeted by a lot of budding runners and don’t worry about fitting in because there will always be someone to run with at a running club/ group and you will probably find you will make life long training partners along the way!


  • Accountability for your training - A running group will give you that added accountability. Knowing that you have a club session to attend on a Tuesday evening will encourage you to get out of the door after a long day at work. Not forgetting to mention that you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals that will push you in your training session rather than running by yourself.

  • Variety in your training - Some clubs have different runs on different days, a typical structure for a running group is a speed session on Tuesdays, a club run on Thursdays which vary in distance and a Sunday long run. Other clubs may offer a strength session throughout the week and potentially a parkrun meet up on Saturdays. You can pick and choose what sessions to go depending on your preference.

  • Training buddies - You will no doubt make a few friends when you join a running club, most likely to be around the pace that you run and live fairly close to you. This will give you some added accountability too.

  • Building your running knowledge - You will be surrounded by experienced coaches and runners to which you can take advantage of. Gaining insights to their training and technique to make yourself a better runner overall.

  • Enjoy some friendly competition - For those of you that have a competitive edge, joining a running club could bring out the fire within you to get more out of a session by beating your fellow team mates.


All in all their are no down sides to joining a running club, depending on where you live there could be a few running clubs around you, have a browse and see what club works best for you. Pick a club that is close to your work or your home so you are more tempted to go but most of all enjoy it.

Marcus Sladden